Sunday, May 18, 2014


So I have not been writing for quite some time in this blog. Usually, before this, my blog posts coincide with how shitty I am feeling. I guess I have not felt shitty for a while, or things could not have been any shittier but I managed to dodge that feeling of helplessness and hopelessness by numbing myself by reading ebooks in the dark before going to sleep and watching movie after getting home from work.

Shit at work has not been rosy lately and I could not say that it has ever been that way. Maybe I am the young, unexperienced new teacher who knows not of the office politics. By office politics, I mean ass-kissing and assoholic behavior.

Those who are experienced ass-kisser escape work just by complementing the boss on her outfit for the day. At 9 a.m., they go out of school to have breakfast at the selection of ‘kedai nasi belauk’ around the school. Then, again, at 1 p.m., they go home to do laundry or to breastfeed their babies or to pick up their kids.

When non ass-kissers do the same, they will be given ‘surat tunjuk sebab’ and humiliated in meetings.

Sure, the world is unfair and I should just zip it and stop whining like a little bitch. But when injustice is staring me straight in the face, I feel the need to speak up instead of taking it like it is. And where has it gotten me? Humiliated beyond imagination in meetings. They are sneaky people. They would not say your name and make the insult specific. So if you accused them of publicly humiliating you, they can defend their sorry self by saying, “Eh tak sebut nama siapa-siapa pun tadi.” That’s how low they stoop.

And also these people have just known the wonderful world of free chatting. So with the new favourite app, they have gone completely ape shit with the new technology. So far as to create an ‘offical’ group for the school. Again, this app has been misused to display pictures of teachers, uhmm, ass-kissers, pretending to do their job and taking loads of pictures to prove that they are doing their job. And the higher power believe them and started firing all sorts of encouraging symbols to show their support.

Other people who work their ass off but could not be bothered to post pictures fell by the way side. And the higher power assume these lazy son of bitches are not doing their work just because they are not glued to their phone, ordering stuff online on Facebook and Whatsapping, posting every pictures at every photo ops. Strange and unbelievable but you best believe it, because it is 100% the truth and nothing but the truth.

You might say that I am anti-social and have not learned the ways of how to survive in an office. But if this what my earning and source of finance comes from, I feel nauseous to go on like this. When the bad gets what they need and the good is only needed to finish the half-assed job of the bad. When the bad can get away with anything but for the good, millions of tasks completed before are overlooked for just one small itsy bitsy mistake. And if you belong to the bad, curse you.