Thursday, January 27, 2011


KH- I don’t know ‘who’ you are.

I’m afraid the same history with MA will repeat itself.

But, I know nobody ‘owns’ you.

Still I’m not sure whether you want to be ‘owned’ by anybody.

So close, I could touch you.

Yet, so far away that I could lose you.

If You are listening, just give me someone true who would not cheat me and fool me. Someone who really ‘sees’ me and ‘hears’ me. Because it’s just plain fucking unfair and cruel to waste an investment of somebody’s time and feelings- just because you find it convenient to you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Meet Miss US Polo...and a grey one that is...

Simplicity at its best...

And of course, I got carried away and bought myself a new Ladylike jeans and Cleo to read on the go!

Monday, January 17, 2011


A lot of movies that I watched lately really knock me off my feet. Not because they were some great movies (well, I could watch those movies a million times but you would probably fall asleep right on) but because most of the characters are somehow likened to the way I behave or the story itself reminds me so much about Norbahira.

Let’s talk about the first movie, Punch-Drunk Love. It’s about a guy (Barry) who has some sort of mental instability because of the way he’s been treated by his seven sisters who constantly downgrade him and treat him like a child. He is, in fact, a pretty brilliant strategist- where he manages to get Frequent Flyer Miles points through a loophole by a food product promotion which enables him to fly to any destination by just using the points. It is actually based on a true story of a civil engineer who gets the nick name “The Pudding Guy” because he bought a whole load of puddings to get the points. He even donated some of the pudding to the Salvation Army.

What I want to talk about is not the character’s pudding-buying skill, but his love story. One off his sister tries to introduce him to her co-worker, which he refuses to see for the first time. When his sister and the co-worker (Lena) come to his office, he cannot find an excuse to not date her, so he did. On the first date itself, they kiss for the first time and they quickly hit it off. Barry says something that caught my ears which sounds a little like this, “You don’t know how strong I am when I’m in love”. I totally agree with what he says- love equals adrenaline. Some people stay alive to wait for those whom they love. The adrenaline keeps them alive. For instance, my late grandmother waited for my father to be by her bedside and after she saw me (her favourite granddaughter, maybe :P), she died soon after that. That is the power of love for you.

Next is the movie called Box of Moonlight starring John Turturro.

It’s about a guy (Al Fountain), an electronic engineer who keeps seeing things backwards (he sees boy cycling backward and he sees a waitress pouring the coffee backward, from the cup back into the coffee pot). He starts seeing things backward when he discovers his first gray hair. The significance of those events is just to show sometimes we want to the time to stop- when we’re enjoying something like youth, when we’re able to live free without responsibilities and people counting hopes on us. Like when I wish I had the ability to freeze time when my brother and my father is at home. It is true that time flies when we’re having fun.

Another movie that you should watch is Despicable Me- an animated movie.

I love the portrayal of parental love in that movie. The villain, Gru who had his heart changed by 3 orphans (Margo, Edith, and Agnes) which he adopted to execute his evil plan. However, some time off with the kids makes Gru realizes there are far more important things in life than his evil plan to steal the moon. Some of the lines that I remembered vividly from the movie are “Though we may be apart, your mother loves you with all her heart”- this is from the book that Gru reads to the kids as a bedtime story. It’s true, every woman who has given birth or pregnant do have that maternal instinct thingy going for them, even those who threw away their babies in garbage can or in a toilet. It is just that they did so under straining circumstances that you and I could not fathom.

So, understand me please when I told you that I probably have the biggest movies collection in the TESL cohort. Watching movies is like reading books- it enables you to fit it in somebody’s shoes for a while, to see the world from different perspective, to feel things from different sensory, it makes you wonder “What if?” and question “Why?” and “How?”. All in all, it makes you gain a little bit more of someone else’s life without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

P/S: Those movies that nobody has heard of and really hard to find are usually the best and worthwhile movies to watch.