Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So, a trend has developed with me and this blog. I have another blog, where I have to pretend I am a meek little worker posting pictures and commenting about every single programme happening in school.

If this blog is my boyfriend, dah lama dia angkat kaki. Being ignored for months on end and not being given any initiative to live.

The reason I am writing is I am bored. Waiting for a new boss to my school. Nothing to do and I have no class at the moment prompt me to drop another posting in this blog.

What I want to write is about using force in school. I use it sometimes with my students. Even to the level of threatening students to write essays or I call their mom or dad. It is fun when you are doing it to your 'helpless' (yep, so 'helpless' that even if a teacher put a finger on them, their parents would be running to the newspaper in the blink of an eye) students.

However, when you are at the receiving end of the threats, things are not so goddamn rosy it seems. For example, when you are being threatened to pay for a dinner you have no intention of attending because tomorrow is a school day (although it is Saturday, which by the way if you're in Kelantan, IS A HOLIDAY! Who was the genius who started the idea to replace the school on Saturday. Like what my mom says, tak bodoh kalau budak-budak tak belajar sehari dan tak bijak pun budak-budak dalam masa sehari). But you still have to pay because it is COMPULSORY.

Damn, are we still in preschool? Where everything is dictated by someone older than you?

You might say, why didn't I say something about it since I am so vehemently opposing to the idea, Ms Smarty Pants? I once said something, voicing my opinion but soon after, I was humiliated in a public meeting and people would not look at me in the eyes, so my attitude nowadays is What the Fuck Do I Care. The school could collapse and I will be sitting by eating ice-cream under a shady tree while wearing my Sunday best outfit, clapping every one now and then and the pieces of buildings falling down one by one.

Apparently, nobody has any balls to oppose to these stupid rules so everybody has to go. Sucks, isn't it? But what to do. We live everyday to impress others and deluding them into believing that we are are noble beings. NOT!