Sunday, October 30, 2011


Technology, like SMS is not all bad. The reason is because SMS can be used to help people who are living with speech and hearing impairment to communicate with other people. I witnessed this when one of my relatives paid a visit to my house last night. He brought along his lovely wife, who are also in the same boat as him. Although the atmosphere was quiet and there was no laughter and chatters, still we (my mom, dad, them and me) were able to communicate using his phone and my phone by typing SMS as a medium of communication. A lot of people always blame SMS as they think that the short forms and the mixture of Malay Language and English used in SMS is the source of ‘Bahasa Rojak’; so much so that students tend to use the same language they type in SMS in their essays at school and in exams. Well, that is just one downside of SMS. And the technology is not to be blamed. Blame the people using the technology in excess njslegi rgiuergheriupgh gtriu

P/S: I have no idea what to write. Just the thought that “them” in the ramblings above looked so sweet together that I have to write a post about it. Or maybe that is just the hormone kicking in.

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