Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So today after such a long time, I opened my Facebook account and saw a status update from one of my friends. How administrators are hellishly angry at teachers for leaving school early or not coming into their classes because of prior commitments that couldn't be avoided.

However when politicians came to that particular district, teachers are the ones who'll be forced to go and attend these meet ups with the politicians. Nothing wrong with that. But teachers have been told to practice MMI-Melindungi Masa Instruktional which simply means get into your goddamn class according to your predetermined schedule. But sometimes, teachers are told to quit class in the morning and abandons their classes to go to these meet ups. What a moral dilemma- we are told to follow two things that coincides with one another. Which one should we follow? What matters most? The students or these meet ups? That's what teachers this age have to go through, the core business of teaching seems to go out of the window when something larger than life such as politics comes into the picture.

For me, if you forced someone to do something that they didn't like, they are bound to be rebellious and go against you. If people really agree with you and your ways of dealing with things, they'll go without being asked or forced to. That way, you'll know where you stand and whether you're doing a good job or otherwise. Instead of demanding people or giving the illusion that we are given free choice to things we have freedom to do, they are afraid of their own shadow and have to resort to coercion.

As for me, I was given government scholarship, went into public tertiary education institution and now offering my service and knowledge as a government servant so you know where I stand. My father is a government pensioner and my brother also went into matriculation college and now studying at a public university.
And when my foster grandma was diagnosed with cancer, her surgery, ward stay and follow up chemotherapy was sponsored by the government. And when my mother had eye laser surgery, that too was sponsored by the government. And now both of my parents have monthly check up also at government hospital. So if someone asked me which political party I'm rooting for, you can guess and I don't have to say because my vote is a secret. And when my colleagues or my fellow educators say "I'm supporting the opposition because the present the gov is corrupt or I'm graduated and didn't get posted and it's the fault of the present gov", I have only one thing to say "How can you be so sure that if the opposition became the government things will change for the better?". Egypt was happy for a while when the opposition ruled but now chaos is rampant and take a look at Iraq or Afghanistan, they conspired with America to bring revolution to their nation by killing Saddam Hussein and what about Libya and Muamar Gaddafi, what happened now that these 'cold-blooded dictators' had fallen, did the citizens get what they wanted? Do their lives et better and their kids could go to school without getting shot? And the most resounding question is do you want Malaysia to follow in the foot steps of these countries? Yes, change is good but not all changes are necessary. But of course, I'm just a first time voter and could only talk using my qwerty pad and keyboard, what do I know?

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