Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know why you never go
I know why you never say
It’s not like you care
It’s not like you’re there

I was stupid
And I was blind
And I was stupid
I was blind

On and on again
Lies taunt me
Like that big bully
Who is never quite satisfied
With his freckled face and jingling belly

On and on again
Truth speaks to me
As i dig in further and further
The hopes buried deeper and deeper

Life for rent
Soul for pawn
I’m stuck in the queues
With no chance to get in

We always want something
That we couldn’t get
We always ignore someone
Who would always be there

Send my regards to your rotten past
You deserve the future
I don’t know you that much
But I know this much,
I need an entertainment, not a commitment.

Give it a rest
My heart aches
Combustion of emotions
Running like silver
Stopping like gold

All that glitter
All that dust
Mashed up
Making one big
Fat lie.

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