Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What are the dIfferences between traditional students and thinking students? Thinking students take charge and are responsible of their own learning. They do visual mappings because they really are trying to organize their thoughts and not just for the sake of doing what the teacher asks then to do. They are willing to take risk and get out of their comfort zone. They are confident and willing to go forward and represent their group to share what they have learned. Now,traditional students are so cooped-up with their old ways of learning that they do not even consider trying new ways of learning because they don't want to move out of their comfort zone. They rely on others to get answers and you could find these people moving up the education ladder through skillful acts of being invisible and let others do the work, then move into the limelight to accepts praises and incentives for other people's hardwork. Well, let's link this to the real world. There are two types of people in this world. Those who do and those who stand and watch. People who do can be likened to those thinking students who are responsible and do things because they want to and not because others told them to. They are active and constantly find ways to fill their time with entertaining activities to fulfill their time. In contrast, people who stand and watch continuously criticize others for their hard work and start bitching when others gain success and get the rewards that they truly deserve. These group of people can be seen together in clumps with their hands covering their mouth for fear others would hear them. When they are told to do work, the limbic part of their brain started to ooze feelings of disgust and dislike to the person telling them to work. These people need to be treated with reverse psychology. Don't ever give any job to them and let them wallow in their self-importance. Soon,they will realize nobody even cares that they are around and this will cause them to feel deeply humiliated and lessen their big, fat ego.

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