Thursday, July 12, 2012


I seriously felt fed up with the people that I meet today. I am currently doing an assignment on the morphology of the word Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB), which refers to the place that I am staying in right now and also one of the most famous tourism spots in Malaysia.

So, I went to Kelantan Tourism Information Centre, but the word Information there is just for decoration purpose only. En Roslan, the front desk person was more preoccupied to satisfy the need of a couple of FOREIGN TOURISTS rather than helping a fellow Malaysian, scraped that, a fellow Kelantanese. Why would you put someone who is clueless about the history of one of the most visited and must see places in Kelantan?

Then, under the scorching hot sun, I walked to Muzium Negeri Kelantan. The ticket seller outside the office was busy reading the newspaper and barely spoke when we asked him the question. we went inside the office, greeted by a heavily pregnant lady who then went inside the air-conditioned room and informed us that the honorary researcher, Tn Hj Salleh B Akib, also did not know the history of PCB. He did not have enough courtesy to come out himself or invite us in to tell us himself than he did not know. I found it rather surprising that a senior researcher like him did not simple facts about a famous place like PCB. However, the pregnant lady asked us to go to Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu-Bandaraya Islam (MPKB-BRI) which is across the street.

The only consolation for today that we got an interview with En Hasmi bin Mohd, the officer at the Zon Perhubungan Awam MPKB-BRI. Kudos to him for living up to the name of his department as he treated us nicely and agreed to be photographed and interviewed.  He also suggested that we went to Arkib Negeri Kelantan to look for more information.

 En Hasmi B Mohd, Thanks a lot to you!!

After that, we went up five flights of stairs to the said Arkib. Inside the Arkib, we found old editions of URTV’s and some journals and of course, the officers there did not know about PCB.

As a last resort, we went to Lembaga Pengalakkan Pelancongan Malaysia but their officers were having a meeting or too busy at the moment. Then, we went Bank Kerapu but the ticket-seller asked us to go to Muzium Negeri. By that time, I lost my ability to be mad so I just walked out without saying anything else. Thanks a lot for your ‘bountiful’ help! No wonder people outside Kelantan don’t really like our attitude since we place little or no respect at all for someone who is trying to know more about our cultural heritage.

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