Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sometimes, I am puzzled when people say, "Get Married, your life will be easier".. Easier in what sense, I ask myself. I see a lot of my friends, crying out publishing weird and mysterious status on facebook about trouble in paradise. Am I willing to let myself be weighed down by another human being who pretend to accept me for who I am but try to change me in little ways to his likings?

Another famous saying concerning marriage is "My husband likes me when I ________". Fill in the blanks. Why do you have to live your life according to rules and regulations by your significant others? I thought that people need to respect and accept each other when they are in love. But noooooo, we got to change our partner to suit our needs.

You have lived successfully on your own for your whole life and suddenly when you are married, the table turns in an instance? Why? I know wives are suppose to be subservient and adhere to their husbands whims and fancies, but nevertheless, is it worth it losing who you really are just for the sake of being with somebody who could not stand who you really are so much so that they have to change you into 'someone better' or so they say and you just let them do it to you because you think that you love your partner too much that if you don't change, your partner will leave you for 'someone better' (according to them)?

I know some people might say, well you are one sore hag who is so overweight that nobody wants to have a second look at you, that is why you are rambling here. Well, I am all those things but I value my individuality too much that I am not willing to be sacrificed for the sake of not being alone in this world and later regretting my decision to get married. I want to be free and inspired to be whatever I want to be. But I know, my weirdness and quirkiness might be too strange for someone to accept (while I was doing my first degree, I listened to Slipknot and my room mate ran for the hill as she thought I was practicing Satanism). Who would love a hair thinning, morbidly obese and emotionally unbalanced individual like me?

That's why every time TV or shit movies lie to the audience with some unacceptable happy endings where everybody loves everybody in the end of the movie, I can't help to scoff at the unreal situation. But then again, isn't that why we love movies so much? Because it depicts perfect people having perfect life, some sort of escapism from our rubbish and hellish life?

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