Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There are just some people who can manage to save their own skin just by manipulating others through their conniving words and convincing puppy look that people just get their hearts melted every time these people ask them for something.

I had these kinds of people in the immediate surrounding which I am in.

One of these people manage to skip out on every work (well, not every, but most) that was entrusted to it (I use it so taht you cannot guess whether it’s a man or woman, nyehnyeh). It is a master of the universe when it comes to using words to make people believe that the work was actually easy and the order to do that work come from above (y’all know what I mean, when the cat is not around, the mouse come out to play; above is the cat, it and me are mouse). 

It can talk to you and all of the sudden without you’re realizing it, you’d agreed to do its job. Why? When? It just happened. And then later, you’ll be wondering, why did I agree to do its job? Why? It just happened. And now, you have to carry the burden that the cat gave to it but it gives to you.

Sounds familiar? That because a mouse likes that exists everywhere. You might have found it at one point of your life. And you might have been given its job for you to complete. And who gets the credit from the cat? That rotten mouse, of course...

And if you don’t do your job, this mouse would excitedly report it to the cat. But when it ‘delegates’ its jobs to other people, it takes all the credit. Life is such a fair competition, ain’t it?

Another mouse that I encountered is a mouse with divine help. It constantly fucked up but never got anything except for a mere slap on the wrist. It ‘forgot’ to do its job because it has so many jobs to handle (or so it thinks, albeit a bit delusional) although other mice got more important jobs that this little mouse has. It plays its cuteness (or it acts cute, but other mice find it repulsive, or maybe it’s just this one mouse). It flirts but blames it on other male mice when they pay a special interest to it, it lies but other mice keep on believing the deceit and it got lucky to not get punishment from the cat. It also cunningly avoided to be snapped by the great hidden paparazzi, ooopss that’s a line from Bruno. It also cunningly avoided to be monitored by other big, Persian cats that came to where it works and want to see how good this mouse is at catching cheese. And it seems like the most problematic mouse of them all as it blames its problems on other mice and the Great Maker. Nothing seems to be her fault.

Then, there is another mouse that is good at repeating what others said that it should have been a parrot in the life before. The problem is, unlike a parrot, this mouse like to add up what other said, to make the story more listenable (for a lack of better word) so that others would pay attention to it. This mouse causes other mice not to look at each other in the eyes. And also a great big ruckus ensued because of what this mouse parrots and adds up to other mice. It was and still is a great hullaballoo because of what this mouse had said to others but it seems to show no remorse. Maybe when its tail came off, maybe then it will regret what it said.

Such is the tale of the mice in this play land. The one who wears masks and knows its lingo can get by spreading vicious lies to save their own furry A-hole. While others who try to make a living, get their furry A-hole under fire. Life is dandy, isn’t it?

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