Saturday, July 20, 2013


So, I heard this colleague of mine started spreading rumours about me who was supposedly does not see eye to eye with another junior teacher in my school. I don’t know what the deal with her low mental capacity that she has to constantly spreads vicious lies about others in order to feel good about her dang self. I am one second away from confronting her and asking her what’s up her ass but I do not want to make things awkward as I’ll be seeing her face every day as we are, duh, colleagues. But to think that her insensitive little being has to touch me who has never given any regard to her existence made my blood boiled. This is not the first time she pulled this kind of stunt. Before this, she is well-known to bad-mouthed other co-workers (me included) to the boss. She thinks that other people have no idea of her more than assoholic demeanour, well news flash bitch, we all know who you are.

Another colleague of mine, who as of now, hasn’t crossed me, also has the same kind of disease. It seems like she has this special radar that detected the boss is around and near so she has to be on her best behaviour. Well, that’s cool if you want to be arse-licker. But the troubling fact is, she tends to point out other people’s shortcomings in front of the boss. Like, “Hmmm, cikgu, hari tu saya rotan budak cikgu yg keluar kelas tu”, is the stuff that would come out of her mouth. Now imagine she said that in front of the boss. It not only shows that you’re a blubbering idiot who can’t control your own class and also, you suck as a teacher, that’s why your students won’t keep still in your class. She usually would make noise within the vicinity of the boss. So, when your boss heard the commotion, the boss would ask, “What’s wrong?” and no matter how well you can snake your way out of it, the blame would be on you and the loud mouth, shit sweeter than other people colleague would beam in pride for having corrected you in front of the boss.

Another worst kind of colleague to come across to  is the one that loves to speak in a meeting. Like his opinion matters than most people because he’s like the golden child of the school. So, he has the right to drag the meeting towards its breaking point. Like people have time to listen to him muttering away. Things like this never happen in English Panel meeting because we, English teachers are so concise and straight to the point instead of beating around the bush over and over again until there is no bush to beat around anymore. And I know all of you are affected about the news of the child who was accidentally left for dead when her mother forgot she was in the backseat of the car as the mother, a teacher was rushing for a school meeting. Some people hurl all kinds of insults at her for being a bad mother, but I’d like to empathize with her. Meetings at school lasts more than 5, 6 hours. And schools (that I know of) do not come with day care for mothers who chose to be teachers, awesome teachers at that too. And what about the teaching assistants who were promised for us, teachers? Who supposedly would lessen our administrative burden? Nada. Zip. Nothing. Now that a child is dead hopefully they open their eyes wide. This kind of tragic incident can be avoided if only we realized teachers are humans, not super robots. Even super robots need to be oiled and serviced from time to time.

The bottom line is, there are all kinds of people in the world. A loner like me who has never given a hoot about other people is also not safe from vultures who like to spread lies and rumours which eventually would engulf the whole school. I pity the children of these vultures. How can you emulate moral values if your role model is having a hard time growing up?

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