Saturday, August 10, 2013


So, the prodigal son has returned. My mom has an adopted brother, who happens to be my adopted grandmum's nephew. Ever since he got married, he only comes back once a year during Eid. And that's only for half a day. His balls are owned by his wife. Today, he comes back on the 3rd of Syawal, almost dusk, and you can bet your bottom dollar, he'll be gone when dawn comes.

He always comes back only with his children. His wife apparently has her ass glued to her parents' house back in Terengganu.

Why all of us hate him? A year and no phone calls to ask how his mom (my adopted grandma) is doing. Comes back only once a year for less than a day and my adopted grandmum starts her 'drama swasta', making an elaborate show of affection by showering her son with money. That's right. my adopted grandma gives money to her grown up son who fathered 3 chidlren with a steady job in KL. For what? To buy his love? My adopted grandma needs to learn her beloved son won't change his way even if she sold herself to buy his love.

He only comes back once a year but us, my family and I are stuck with my adopted grandma's erratic behaviour similar to a five-year old throwing tantrums. Seriously, I admired those working at old folks' home who have the patience to face patients like my adopted grandma every day. Pissing all over the place even though my father built a toilet which she can go to (she can't walk but she can move around) effortlessly. Not wanting to bathe, causing the whole house to smell. Talking back when my mom who is not in her best shape since she has to take care of my adopted grandma for almost 2 years now. And demanding undivided attention, complaining about pains that aren't there and blabbering about wanting to die every 2 minutes.

And when people come to our house, she complains about this and that and these people who just met her for like 2 seconds have the audacity to tell us how to take care of her! Say, if you think that you can do a better job, please, take her to your house and try taking care of her, wear our shoes and walk around in it, see how you like it.

I often think about what would happen if my mum stayed with her biological family. Probably, I wouldn't be stuck here, my brother wouldn't have any qualms about coming back for the holiday and we would all live happily ever after.

But that is all some wishful thinking, like how I wish I could study in Oxford and enjoy theater at the park like some pompous literary enthusiasts would do. The only thing that I hate, is how he abandons his responsibility and left my adopted grandma is the hands of my mom and us. Like he is not responsible to look after his own flesh and blood just because he lives in KL and has a job as well as a family and an arrogant wife. What about my mom? She's not well and yet she has to take care of another human being while she should be resting. What if she fainted (my mom has low blood pressure) because she has to please another human being who couldn't be bothered about her feelings when the human being called her 'anak tong sampah'? And who get the love and attention, the prodigal son who shows up once a year, bringing along his little brats whose hands happen to break every single nice things they set their eyes on. Life is unfair? How about life is a bitch and then you die.

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