Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Tomorrow the SPM result will be out. And I know it has been ages since I posted anything here. Ever since I graduated from my second degree, the value of writing has eluded my daily life plan as there are a whole lot of other pressing matters that I was not so accustomed to before but now, I sort of like has to make up for those time I did not have the time to deal with before due to my busy and compact life.

Truth be told, I miss those time where I did not have the time to think as my days including my weekend were preoccupied with assignments and school work. Where I did not have the time to cut my nails or go to a barbershop (I cut my own hair, FYI) but I was happy with that because I did not have the time to ponder and think about the sorry state of my life.

After graduating, life seems empty, although not that much as school work catches up with me with a vengeance. I miss the feeling of turning on my laptop with thousands of things to do, i.e assignments, PowerPoint presentations and others. I swear if I did my third degree after this, one of the determining factors would be I am bored and I need some actions in life (some people take drugs and some people blow up cars) and by actions I meant piling paperwork that require my presence on a chair and table for half the day.

The truth is I am in a course and I am freaking bored and I have nothing to do. But I have my laptop with me with stable WiFi connection so I typed this with no intention and direction for this writing to go. And the one giving the course is boring and kept messing up his laptop connection to the projector and everytime it is disconnected, we have to wait. I much rather stay in school and chit-chat with my fellow colleagues from the best English Panel in the world. Plus, the course stretches until tomorrow and again I much rather stay in school and look at the teary faces of my students who will be taking their SPM results. And it’ll be a good time to tell them, ‘I told you so!”

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