Friday, August 14, 2009


Should we just move on and not giving a fuck about how it all begins?

Should we forget and not giving a fuck about how much it hurts?

Should we be stoic and solid and not giving a fuck about how our hearts are wretched from it all?

Should we be quiet and not speak at all about how it makes us want to bleed and die?

Should we pretend nothing happens when injustice is sneering to us?

Should we stay oblivious when cruelty is taunting us for our lack of emotions?

Should we? Could we? Would we?

Yes. We should. We could. And we would.


  1. I don't know what you are still looking for.

    True friends? You cast them out with your cruelty.

    True love? I don't think you have one, at least not the one you are having.

    Friends' concern to you are all bitchy talk.

    Friends' letting you have what you want is not caring for you.

    What do you want?

    You want people talking to your face like this? Are you bold enough to post it in your blog then?

    Are you bold enough to face the reality?

    If one person doubts you, maybe he or she is wrong.

    But when every one doubts you, please think of what you have done on them.

    You hurt all your friends because of that stupid guy. You choose love over friendship.

    So, don't hope for one. You don't deserve it. until you realize what is really good for you.

    If you think you have not made any mistakes, why is that you are absent to class and just sleep in your room?

    We concern, you said we are interfering.

    We ignore, you said we are heartless and just bitch behind you.

    You should ask yourself, WHAT DO YOU WANT.

  2. if you are concern, this how you show it?

    if you are a true friend, this how you prove it?

    tell me when am i cruel to you?

    tell me when have i been cruel to other people?

    me, absent to class, that is comforting to everyone. at least you don't have to look at my face if you hate me so much.

    if i flunk, do you even care?

    yeah, you are all angels and i deserve nothing because i am the devil.

    true love, who knows if it ended up happy or not?

    my blog. my space. my world.