Tuesday, August 4, 2009


There was once a boy who is a complete nerd. He’s so nerd that all his friends think that the spectacles he’s wearing is nerdy. Even his handwriting shows the making of a nerd. The impact of him being a nerd even impaired his social skills. So much so that people call him anti-social, which is one step above being a nerd.

So, while he was thinking on ways to make him super cool (p/s: he can’t play guitars and make girls swoon over him because his hands are custom made only for nerdy tasks), he came across an advertisement about a postpaid plan on tv. Subscribe to the plan and get a free iPhone. It’s not the plan which was interested but the prospect of getting an iPhone, which was the latest gadget that almost made him come in his pants (he never kissed a girl, let alone shagged one, so his only sexual relief usually came in the form of visual aids, like the sight of iPhone).

Him, being a rich, spoilt kid, asked his father for the money to register for the postpaid plan and to achieve his ambition of owning an iPhone. With a high spirit, he marched to the nearest postpaid centre, and of course, registered. And he got what he hoped for, iPhone.

After 3 months of subscribing to the plan, he had to pay insurmountable amount for the monthly bills but he didn’t care as his father took care of the bills. He managed to get a girlfriend by flashing his iPhone one day in public. Now, he did not even contemplate of getting a life-sized doll. He also became more nerdy with the passing of time but nobody complained because now he thought that he is more sociable because he has the miraculous and magnificent iPhone. And of course, with the iPhone, along comes the girlfriend. So, every time he meets someone nerdy, he would advise them to subscribe to the postpaid plan and get the iPhone, because it is the ultimate recipe for success in social life.

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