Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just finished watching two movies, Obsessed and The Last House on the Left. To other people, it might ne two completely different movies, but for me both movies share the same theme; protecting the one you love no matter to what extent. If somebody hurts the one you love, you should and ought to fight back, not to sit back and let rational thinking does the job. There’s nothing rational about letting somebody keeps hurting the one you love. There’s nothing rational about letting the one you love broken down because of somebody. There’s nothing rational about letting somebody gets away for hurting the one you love.

In the first movie, Obsessed, it’s about a psycho girl, Lisa (Ali Larter) who works as a temporary worker at this office. She is of course, “obsessed” with her boss, Derek (Idris Elba). The thing is, Derek is happily married to Sharon (Beyonce Knowles) and already has a son called Kyle. This is a story about a delusional girl who tries to push Sharon away from the picture of happy family and hope that she could become Sharon. Although, at first, the audience thought that Lisa has gone away for good but she keeps interfering in Derek’s and Sharon’s life. So, what does Sharon do? She goes face to face with the Bitch, Lisa and towards the end of the movie, we get to witness a catfight between Sharon and Lisa. Yes, Sharon is emotional, she should have called the police you said. But let me tell you something, there’s two people that you cannot touch when it comes to a woman’s life; first, her husband and secondly, her child. So, when Lisa crosses the line and touches both of these people, Sharon acts out. Does she act out on emotions? Should she call the police instead when Lisa come into the house unannounced? To hell with that. I support what Sharon did 100%. She fights back. Why? Because she is protecting those two people that she loves more than herself. She fights back out of love. Nobody can get away after hurting the two people that she loves the most. Is that emotional? Is that not rational thinking? Who cares? When somebody hurt the ones you love, are you going to stand back and let justice takes its course? What if justice never comes? That’s what I said with when it comes to love, nothing is rational. You fight back because that’s the right thing to do.

The second movie was about this family who went up a lake for their summer vacation. They are John (the dad), Emma (the mom) and Mary (the daughter). So the daughter thought that she could go to town and met her friend, Paige who works as a cashier at this shop. While they were wasting time away at the shop, there’s this boy, Justin who comes into the store and said that he got some good stuff for both of the girls. They follow Justin to his hotel room and they smoke pot. Before they knew it, Justin’s psycho family came back so these two girls were caught up at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It turns out that Justin’s family is wanted by the police for a killing spree. So, these two girls need to be “shut up” by Justin’s family. Paige was stabbed, Mary was raped but she managed to get away but she was shot in the process. Justin’s family thought that that’s the end of her. Since they were in the woods, they need to find somebody to get a shelter for the night. Guess whose house they found in the remote woods? Mary’s family house at the lake. Justin’s family was oblivious to who John and Emma were but it is Justin who found out that Mary is their daughter but he kept quiet about it. To keep a long story short, Mary managed to crawl back to the house and when John and Emma found out that Justin’s family hurt their little daughter, they sought revenge. Instead of the typical the good family gets slaughtered by the psycho, in this movie the good family becomes the psycho. They had to kill Justin’s family in order to get out safely from the house and send Mary to the hospital. You can say it is a matter of survival of the fittest. But when your family is threatened and the ones that you love is in danger, do you just stand back and let rational thinking do the justice? Or do you let your emotions and your adrenaline rush give those motherfuckers that hurt the one you love a taste of their own medicine?

Sure, it is easy to say, calm down, don’t act out on emotions, think first before you act. Let rational thinking sink in and you will find a way. Yeah, it’s easier said than done. Can you just stand back when the one you love is hurting and every single day he/she is dying because of somebody? Maybe you can, out of rational thinking and to avoid confrontation. But I can’t. So call me emotional. Because I am. But I can’t bear seeing someone I love being in great pain because of somebody. I will fight back for those that I love. I will not stand back and let somebody ridicules my love one. Maybe you look at me and decide that I’m a cold-hearted bitch, well maybe I am. But I will never let my loved ones hurt in vain. Let me take the pain, but not those that I love. That the worth of love for me.


  1. I think i would do the same too.
    Slightly agree with you, but not completely.

  2. thanx for slightly agreeing with me :)