Tuesday, July 6, 2010

She talks like water
And she walks like rain.

Did she cry her eyes out
Only to realize there were still more tears to squeeze out of that little chubby face, puffy eyes of hers?
Misted eyes and blocked nose, she keeps leaking and leaking
Until she could hold no more and explode like starry sky above.

Did she finally get the chance to bask in the glory
To wake up later and find that
This is all just a sweet dream never to be achieved in her imperfect reality.

The only thing that she ever had was used feelings
And used emotions that soon to be discarded
No expiry date on misery
She took his words and she believed in everything he said to her
Because she was too goddamned stupid to realize
That the world was laughing at her stupid fat ass
And wished that she fell and never get up.

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