Thursday, November 8, 2012


So while I was at SMKPE for the assembly thingy, I received an SMS from my fellow JUK (facilitator) who was also in the same position like I am; have to mark both PMR and SPM, while being facilitator for that iThink thingy.

The meeting, after countless meetings which caused a hole in my pocket, we have to travel to various districts in Kelantan except my own to attend this half morning meeting, 'discussing' things before the actual course which will be conducted in two phases; the first phase 19-22 (which I cannot possibly attend since I will have PMR meeting on 19 and 20, SPM from 21-23, and on the 23, I need to present my final assignment for my MA programme) and the second phase 26-29 in Terengganu.

The teachers from my school already received the call letter today but no letter for the JUK. My, isn't that supposed to make us feel special.

When they wanted us to go for the initial course to train us into being JUK, they called, SMSed and e-mailed us, pestering us to go there. I had to sacrifice one week of my holiday time to attend the course. There, all of the teachers who were trained to be JUK were monitored by them like hawks in the sky; they even know I went out on one particular night to meet up with my friend while I was there. They, on the other hand, escaped most of the time, tagged team as if person A and B showed up on Monday while C and D escaped, A and B would not be present on Tuesday, C and D would take their place and signed the attendance for them. Is that integrity to you?

Yesterday was the last meeting before the actual course is carried out. And yesterday was also the last day for the PMR meeting. So, understandably, the other JUK and me were not able to be present. So, I heard from the other JUK that they are pissed at that fact, and even more pissed due to the fact that we won't be able to attend the first phase on 19-22 since that particular week is the same week for final meeting for PMR and first meeting for SPM.

Now, what made me pissed was the fact that when I received the letter for PMR meeting and SPM meeting, like a month ago, I quickly called them, twice and SMS them, but they did not pick up my calls or reply to my SMS. So, why the fuck would they be pissed when I have already informed them like a month ago about the clash of the dates and my inability to be present at that particular dates for both the meeting and the actual course (phase one). So, when they want us to do something, they would call, SMS and e-mail us. But when we have problem , they just ignore us and make their own assumptions. Such a nice and profitable agreement on their part.

By marking PMR and SPM, I would probably be getting more than two thousand RM for both tasks. And that money can be used to pay off my MA fees, my car insurance and other bills. Why would I be stupid enough to let go of both jobs for the sake of being an unpaid JUK? What do I get out of being JUK? I have to spend my own money to go for meetings at the other end of the world as opposed to where I'm living in. I have to do extra paper works and give short course to other teachers in my district for free. And I have to put up with reporting back to them of what I have done in school. I get nothing out of it. Nothing.

The truth is, that SMS that I received totally spoiled my mood or else I would have put in some nice words about iThink and would  most probably upload the picture of the iThink booth and the video of TPM mentioning higher order thinking skills in his speech at the GM1M thingy this morning. I can be an agent of information and can use the Internet to spread good news about iThink and how it can help to foster critical thinking skills to students. But that SMS and how they treated me just put me off my mood to even talk or mention about iThink in my blog or in my Facebook account.

What I'm asking is not to be treated like such an important person. But just to be treated humanely and with respect. We are all adults. Why would you act like such a kid? Why you are being such a jerk and ignore people's problems when they ask you for help? And they ignored us and we made our decisions, they have the nerve to be mad at us. Now they are panicking as they will lose two JUKs for the first phase. Why do we to do all the job, facilitating and shit when they were also present during the training course back in KL?
This is one of the reasons why many teachers are fed up and bored with the teaching profession. Not so much on the teaching part but because of the bureaucracy craps. We are passionate about what we do but these little things just give you away, making you hate what you do.

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