Monday, November 12, 2012


Why the double standard?

Just because I cover my hair so I cannot say something bad?

I'm sick of people judging people based on their personality and their appearance.

Grow up. People are different because if we were all the same, we might as well not be called human. People are different because they just are. Why would you want to question people on their choices in life or why do you like to judge people based in what they did in the past instead of enjoying their company in the present?

It's not like you are free and virgin from any mistakes whatsoever.

Everybody makes mistakes. Live and learn to ignore it. Unless that mistakes cause you great pain or unbearable shame, learn to let go and accept people for what they are.

If that person does not cater to your holy standards, then just shut your mouth and move on. Do not expect people to change or do not try to change their perception. Cut those people some slack. They have been believing their way is the right way for their whole life. It is not easy to just change that in an instant. The easiest way is to accept people for their quirkiness as do not expect them to be just like you, to like things that you find should be liked or to hate things that you find repulsive.

I'm not trying to be Miss Potty Mouth but people swear once in a while. For some people, more than others. But then again, you don't know their pain. You have no right to judge them by your standards. The least you could do is advise them and hope they change for the better, not hope for the worst to happen to them. I might be say fuck once in a while but you don't know that I just said that to align to my tough exterior while the truth is I cry every night before I sleep because nobody likes me and every time, I end up being alone no matter how hard I try not to be alone. People make promises after promises and in the end, I end up being the idiot while other people find someone new and move on and live a great life.

You don't know what I have to go through so do not ever try to tell me how I should live my life. I never tell you what you should do with your life so stay off mine.

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