Sunday, November 4, 2012


The CD that I’m currently listening to Doo-Wops and the Hooligans..

 For those of you, slow poke out there, this is the first album by this hottie with perfect pearls for teeth.

For those slower poke out there, it is an album by Bruno Mars.

At first, I was skeptical to buy the album and listen to this so-called pop thing.

But I was proven wrong. He is talented. A talented producer, writer and most of all, singer.
His music sounds sincere and it shoots straight to the heart. Because he wrote songs about things you and me endure in everyday life; being heartbroken, saying promises to stay with the person you love forever, to sacrifice and hold on through whatever shits that happen or just lounging away doing nothing in your underpants.

I guess that what makes him great. He could sing those songs from the hear because he really meant it. And he worked hard to get what he wanted in the first place.

That, and I always have a thing for guys who could play instruments or have perfect teeth or could croon you to sleep singing "If perfect what you're looking for, then just stay the same."

It's not that I SOFTEN UP but I guess those long, sickening years listening to thundering drums and screaming vocals could make you want to be happy and listen to easy listening and radio friendly songs.

On the other hand, betcha would not hear this guy on your local radio.

I started listening to Marilyn Manson at the lowest point of my life. When everybody ignored me, saying that I was being a suck up to the lecturers at my teachers' training college. There was this super cool guy that was into anything Japanese and when he recommended MM, I almost fell off my seat because I thought he was sort of an Eminem guy because he also loved breakdancing. I love MM because he is poetic in a way. I almost fell off my seat again when my friend who introduced MM to me owned a complete Shakespeare works. Man, I was a dork back then. Back to MM, his songs have double meaning and tell even bigger, more important issues despite the expletives used in those songs. He talked about religion, social strata, politics and censorship. With titles like 'Pretty as a Swastika' and 'Dope Song' and debut album entitled 'Antichrist Superstar', this guy is not the poster boy in every teenage girl's bedroom. Nevertheless, I think listening to MM CDs make even smarter!

The same goes to Atreyu. A bassist coursemate of mine introduced the first Atreyu song ever to me, 'Lipgloss and Black'. Despite the screaming vocal and deafening music, it is a song about a heartbroken guy. How sweet is that? 

MM is a lot alike to SOAD. I first listen to their first album (a cassette, specifically) borrowed from my friend at college. This band are all Armenian American as they have rallied for years and I foresee, for many more years to come to make the American recognized the Armenian genocide tragedy. Kim K is not the only famous Armenian American. These guys have been around even before Kim K's big ass was showed on TV. They talk about drugs, American's prison system, war and so much more. Again, after listening to their songs, I feel smarter! Because I would Google up the issues brought up in their songs. Trust me if you want to be good in English, listen to these kinds of  music. Music with substance.

These guys, I stumbled upon myself. During my first degree time in that God awful teachers' training college, I was always bored out of my mind so before I could buy my own laptop (I saved up for 3 years to buy a laptop and another year to buy a scooter), I hanged around at this cyber cafe near the college. And they have this booklet with music videos and mp3s. You can choose which song you want and burn it into a CD. My very first CD was with Slipknot's music videos in it. My roomate ran for the hill because she thought I worshiped Satan. People are always afraid of what they don't understand. And they are too dumb to ask.

So, I listened to metal and that don't make me a Satan worshiping person or make me deny my true faith. It is just music. But to me, music is life and vice versa. If I had stayed in Seremban, I might have taken up a violin lesson or play the guitar. But here it is so hard to find a decent music school. Maybe after I am finished with my second degree, I would try to find a good music place here to pursue my second passion aside from English.

All in all, you should not judge a person based on his music preference. What sounds good to you might make other people's ears bleed. What bust your ear drums might have help that person from thinking of suicide every day and hating herself. To each his or her own. Deal with it.

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