Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Kadang2 bila kau takde kawan, kau masih ada family. Bila kau takde family, kwn2 lg penting bg kau. Kalau kau takde kedua2nya, keluarga buang kau dan kawan2 pulau kau, kau akan kahwin lari bersama orang yang kau cinta sepenuh jiwa sampai mati. Kesimpulannya, everybody needs somebody. Anybody. What about those who have nobody?


  1. they "have" nobody. It almost seems like a choice, with the word 'have' there.

    but I feel that there are always alternatives for people. As long as you don't mind non-living things.

  2. so you think that non-living things can substitute that human touch?

  3. just an alternative, nothing can ever substitute human touch. If not we'd never do personification.

  4. everything has to come back to the basis that because we are human, we indeed yearn for human touch, is it? because we have to satisfy all those needs before actually knowing ourself because the true mirror to ourself is those people around us. do you agree?

  5. yes and no. I agree that we all yearn for the human touch, or at the very least human relations. It's what make us human, that's why the 'humanity' of hikkikomori (check in wiki) is being questioned at times. That is a basic need, undeniable.

    but I don't agree that the true mirror to ourself are those people around us. People only see what they want to see, either you or me its all the same. You'd see only what you want to see, I'll see only what I want to see, everyone will see only what everyone wanted to see. Seeing and perception is nothing but a process of the mind afterall, thats why Descartes mentioned "I think therefore I am" The only thing that reflects yourself, is yourself.

    if you place a cat among lions, the lions will not reflect the cat afterall. Only the cat can tell what is itself. The difference IMO is that animals are inborn with that ability, and we need to find out on our own.