Monday, November 15, 2010

I’m getting seriously sick and tired hearing people whine and complain all around me. If you hate your job so much, then why did you sign up for it in the first place? If you don’t like people to boss you around, take a business license and open up your own business so that you will be your own boss and instead of being bossed around, you can do all the bossing now.

Everybody got a life- whether it is good or bad, that is none of your business. Don’t think you are the only one with problem and to make that fact more visible, you published your problem with your stereo-like confession. Boy, am I tired to listen to your painful whining each and every day!

Even though you think I am free and seem like I have less responsibility just because I did not jump to the bandwagon and started producing little people, that does not mean I have free time coming out of my nose. I have other things to do, other indulgences that I want to pursue (now that I have the moolah to truly make it happen) and don’t expect me to do everything just because I am the youngest and greenest of the pack.

Seriously, this stereotype associated with people like me who choose to be free must not be downplayed and used for certain gains. You and I are the same, you chose that road and don’t expect people to take over what you did before now that you think your life has more importance that everybody else. Everybody got jobs to do, people to meet, ambitions to fulfil.

But then again, am I whining and complaining right now by writing this post?

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