Friday, November 26, 2010

Here’s some things I want to do but have no mood/no moolah/no what-other-reason-that-I-could-not-think-of to do:

  • Buy a car- I can’t be driving my mom’s battered old kancil forever, now can I? Need a car to commute to work but clueless about which car to buy.
  • Learn how to play guitar- before this it was no money for a short course at Yamaha Music School. Now that I have money, I have no time this holiday since I got to be Pengawas SPM 2010- gantikan cikgu yg dah meletop.
  • Fix my hard disk- which stores remnants of all types of different things like music, movies, video clips, pictures, my assignments since foundation course until my final semester. Aiyoyo, why la mau rosak pulak my dearie?
  • Buy a new laptop- my Acer bunny baby which has served me for the past 4 years, gone kaput. Suddenly, one day he decided not to wake up and ditch me forever and ever.
  • Buy a new compact powder- one is almost finished, another showed protest by breaking into tiny million pieces. Dang!
  • Buy books- it has been a long time since I buy some books. I got one tall cabinets filled with paperback and academic books and whatnot. Maybe I can open a library one day. And charge 50 cents each for people who want to borrow them. Business minded, aren’t I?
  • Buy Topman Jeans/Samsung Galaxy handphone for my bro- he has been wanting that jeans like forever and ever. And he has been wanting that handphone since forever and ever too.
  • Buy insurance- on the thought that there will be no back-up plan if something bad should happen to me, insurance is very important. Sure, ASB helps you stores away a stash of money so you don’t overspend but insurance is some sort of guarantee for a way out of any unexpected problems in the future.
  • Invest- I ain’t gonna be young forever. Got to have something/properties to secure me a good life ahead. Real estate, ASB, insurance- all is some type of investment.
  • Stop being a fat bitch- yeah, I like me some curves, you know. There’s no way I fit into a size 25 jeans but alas the size I’m wearing now is really, really not flattering. Yeah I confessed, I have been infected by the social expectation of the supposedly slim and slender gender.
  • Do something useful with my life- a lot of things can be done, pursuing a second degree, helping people in need, changing the look of my room, being less bitter, and truly be happy with where life has taken me so far.

Again, money is needed for every one of these things above. So I think the proverb that money is not everything need to be changed due to current changing economical atmosphere, as well as the bigger spending power of the global community- how’s that for a thesis statement, y’all?


  1. I have so many things to comment:
    1)Your brother and I make good friends cos I love TOPMAN to death! Let's go shopping in KL together!
    2)My sister is an insurance agent. ETIQA Takaful that is. Emm,would you like to get to know about it?I can help
    3)You are not as dark and boring as how people sometimes perceive you cos firstly, you may be boring but you are alive,and secondly I can see you live normal life like other people. Things you wanna have, things you wanna buy, and stuffs like that!
    Live like we're dying!

  2. 1)Yeah, i can see that too! i bet if you and him were to go shopping in KL, u guys would probably swipe the whole Topman outlet clean!
    2)Sure, i am clueless abt the many different schemes offered by insurance company..
    3)with money comes wants and desires...hihi. kalau takde duit pun dh berangan nk beli/buat mcm2!

  3. 1)Sudah pasti untung TOPMAN! haha
    2)I'll talk to my sister and ask her how she can assist you k
    3)Materialistic I am! hahahaaa :p

  4. 1)Topman will surely give u guys a gold membership card (if there's any) since u guys worship it so much!
    3)yes, me too!

  5. I haven't been going out for shopping in centuries sebab duit biasiswa abis beli laptop baru,hahahaha

  6. Yeah, i need a new laptop Acer just died on me- she didn't even leave a warning.

    Plus, my hard disk had gone kaput- dunno what happen the casing broke, mybe cause i put it in an ordinary carrying bag so terhentak agaknya.

    Sekali-sekala to spend so much money on something makes u feel important!