Sunday, March 10, 2013



What does it mean anyway?

If you have one million dollar
Are you successful?

If you own a multilingual company
Are you successful?

If you have sailed around the world
Are you successful?

If you have walked a thousand miles
Are you successful?

If you got 100 marks in your exam
Are you successful?

If you are married with 5 children
Are you successful?

The definition is subjective
The category is countless
The real answer
Lies within yourself
What does success mean to you?

P/S: This poem was written when I was still studying in Teachers' Training College. At that point of time, I didn't even know where I was going in life, let alone could think clearly of what success really means to me. I guess at that time, success is being able to handle your assignments and submitting it on time. A practice I still continue to this day when I'm studying for my second degree.

Now, being a full-time teacher, success is being able to make my students understand what I am trying to convey and seeing them applying it in their homework. Success means being able to mould them into human beings.

As a daughter, success means being able to put a smile on my parents' face and contribute each month to the household expenses. They had spent a lot during my poor life as a student (with RM399 monthly for scholarship, living comfortably in big city like JB was just too hard when you were saving your money to buy a laptop) and now it is my turn to return the favour as a sign of my gratitude.

To sum it up, success to me means being grateful of what you have yet yearning to add up to aspects of your life that may be lacking in order to be a better person; in my own rights, not on other people's terms.

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