Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Do you have that one kid who loves to hang around you and be extra 'manja' and over 'gedik'? Or loves to hug you or get close to you without any regard whatsoever on the concept of personal space? Or SMS and call you excessively even when you told them when you gave your number to them, to only contact you under dire and emergency situations?

When I first got posted and became the form teacher to this form 2 class, I had this kid whom I've ever given her the chance would love to be my 'adik angkat'. Mind you I'm only 10 years older than them so if they call me mama or mak or refer to themselves as my children, I'd flipped because I'm still young and haven't any children on my own. Some teachers who love to get close to students usually insist on students calling them with maternal titles like the ones mentioned above.

So this kid likes to SMS me and asks all sorts of trivial questions. Once it was raining and this kid SMSed me and asked me to fetch her from her house to the school? What the fuck?! I'm not your chauffeur and I bought the car on my own not with yor money. There was also this one time that the librarians were having their annual lunch so she asked me to send her to this restaurant in KB (my school is in Bachok, about an hour drive to on) when she could've gone with the other students on the bus provided by the school.

When I was not around, or during exams when this kid's classmates were noisy or copy each other, she wrote down all the names and gave it to me, probably to get my recognition for being ultra-efficient. Yeah, way to go to earn friends in class.

I thought I got rid of her when I was not teaching her when she got to form three. Boy, was I wrong. She requested to be my friend on Facebook. My principle is to only accept request from form five students or students from my previous school. When I ignored her friend request, she turned sour towards me. Everytime she saw me, there was no greeting.

Until she got into form four and I had to teach her again. Now, she's over-friendly and always be extra-nice when it's my period. Luckily, my phone number has changed so she couldn't SMS and call me. Sometimes, this feels like some crazy psycho ex boyfriend tracking you and sending stupid SMSes about how they regret their actions and how their married life is not a bed of roses and how they want you back. Seriously, this type of people need to find a hobby. Rather than focusing their energy on chasing people's affection.

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