Thursday, April 22, 2010

During my 6 years of being a student, I have been through a lot. You name it, I got through it. Backstabbing friends? Being alienated? Being so alone that you want to take a time out so that you won’t go insane and get into an asylum? Crying alone at night and wake up in the morning feeling shitty? Being with a jerk who just knows how to manipulate you and downplay you to your weaknesses?

I don’t know man. I think that I had enough of all this bullshit.
Enough of everyone having a say in my life.

Enough of everyone trying to tell me what is right and what is wrong.

Is it not that we made mistake and we learn from it?

Instead of having to thread carefully and not making any wrongdoings at all for fear of not being accepted and not forgiven.

I am tired. And I am just 24.

God bless those people who can remain positive through out their life.

Motivating others and saying that all these bad things and misfortunes will past.

If you want to trade brains I will be your best candidate.

Because I am seriously sick and tired of making the wrong decisions and being the only one who bears the consequences.

Everybody say that it is easy. I am difficult and I am a sore loser.

Try being me and having everything and everyone that you love taken away from you.

Or rather they ran away from you when all you needed to hear is the truth.

And gazillion questions in your mind remain unanswered because they are just cowards who won’t own up to their own mistakes.

Did you ever love me? Did you ever think of me the same way that I think of you?

Did you really mean the words you say or you are just lying at my face?

Did you lay awake at night, regretting those things that you say that hurt me?

Did you ever feel remorse? Did you ever wish that you can take away every pain that you have caused me?

It is just so unfair. You played me but somebody still accept you. Somebody will be there for you. Soon.

Where do I go from here?

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