Saturday, April 10, 2010


I think I will have a time out from love.
I survived without it for 21 years of my life.
It just too much I can’t take it anymore.
I just can’t bear with all the lies and deceits.
Getting hurt? I am way over that.
If you can see my heart, I think it would resemble a heart anymore.
They say don’t give up on love. I think those people must have been pretty lucky and found the one.
I haven’t yet met the right one.
I thought I did, but then I realize I was wrong.
He was not the one. He was the one right now. Not for tomorrow, not for the future.
I refuse to believe that no one is out there for me.
What a life would that be without no-one to share it with.
God, I hate this.
I hate thinking that this would never end.
I am tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of being lied to.
If you don’t want me, just say it out loud.
I don’t mind the rejection.
Just don’t take my heart as a game that you can kick around.
My love is not for sale.
It is only for a man who is worthy of my trust.
Are you?

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