Monday, April 5, 2010


Which is worse, having a guy physically in a wedlock , but you know deep down, his heart does not belong to you OR knowing a guy loves you so much, he’d do anything for you but he is physically attached to someone a.k.a legally bonded to some other woman?

Why is it that some people just could not make up their mind of whom they want to spend the rest of their life with?

Some people already know who is the one but then did not have the guts nor the will to break out and tell everyone who she/he wants for fear of rejection and scorn and having her/his entire family lashing out on them. Not to mention the person she/he is having relationship with and their family as well.

Love is such an elusive thing that you’ll be lucky to find it in the right person, during the right time, and under tolerable circumstances. For those out there, who have such a smooth sailing in love relationship, I’d say good for you. Because there are more out there who have to endure such dramas when it comes to having someone to fall back on to.

Why is it so hard for two people to be together? Because when two people fall in love, there are not the only two individuals in it. Other people are affected as well. Unless both of them have no relations and only live for themselves. Which is very hard to find, because let’s face it, no matter how old we are, we still have to think of our parents and other people who think that they have a say in who will wake up with us for the rest of our lives, who will watch us snore at night for the rest of our live, who will keeps us company in the labour room, who will stay up with us looking for baby names, who will comfort our child when he/she is being bullied by the kid form hell in school…gosh, it is so hard nowadays to really find someone that stay with you no matter how horrid and ghastly you become, not to mention how horrid and ghastly your creation is (refer to the kid from hell).

Which brings me to the justification that some people are alone, still, after numerous flings because having real relationship is just too taxing. Too much responsibilities, too much tears to cry, to many times heart being broken, too many months in agony, too many games of ‘he loves me, he loves me not’…and the list goes on. Why go through all those hassle? Better be alone. But human do not want that. Human needs companion. That’s when the problem starts.

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