Thursday, April 8, 2010


It is so hard to find one decent guy that you can call your own nowadays.

Or maybe I am just some fucking loser who cannot get a decent guy.

Cheat, lies, deceits. I don’t know how you sleep at night after you spin all the web of bullshit.

Maybe these people deserve an award for multi-tasking.

Juggling between minions of girlfriends (or boyfriends, like I said bitches applied to women and men).

Having two, three numbers for different purposes, in order to easily get caught.

Privatizing their facebook or myspace profile, or better still, having two separate accounts for the double lives they are living.

‘Sayang’ for no 1, ‘baby’ for no 2, and maybe ‘mama’ for no 3.

Bravo. You deserves an award.




I hope your future significant gives you one hell of a multi-tasking tornado.

So, you know how it feels like.

I hope you meet a master liar, cheater, and deceiver so that you know how much it hurts.

In the meantime, keep going on. Who knows one day, the truth will come back and bite you in the a@#.

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