Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As I got into college, that’s when I started to venture into much hardcore music (if that’s the right term). There was this cyber cafe (at first when I went to JB, I didn’t bring my big, old bulky PC at home and no money to buy laptop) which burns CD/VCD’s with a list of songs and videos to choose from. Before this, I just know there is a band called Slipknot (I’ve seen their album with that black goat as the cover) but I never really did listen to their music. So, when I got the chance to actually listen to them, I chose to burn a VCD of their music videos at that cyber cafe. And the rest like they say is history. I love the fact that they tried to put their music forward instead of their individual identity (all 9 members of the band wear masks) and to other people who think their metal music is just noise, I think it is just brilliant that they know how to arrange 9 different sounds to make a harmony tune in a song.

Sure, Corey Taylor, Slipknot’s vocalist can screams and shouts and curses better than anybody else, but the two members that I was totally obsessed with were the late Paul Gray, the bassist and Joey Jordison, the drummer – as I believe that bass and drum are two essential musical instruments that shape the sound of a particular song. I like Paul because even though you can’t really hear the sound of bass in Slipknot’s songs, but if you listen to their older songs, you would notice that he was a talented bassist. Too bad he passed away too young – OD on drugs.

Paul Gray - R.I.P

As for Joey, for me, with my somewhat limited listening to metal music, he can be considered as one of the greatest drummer. He can destroy the double bass like there is no tomorrow. When Slipknot was in hiatus, he became the guitarist for a gothic band called Murderdolls. I heart him even more even with his thick eyeliner and fishnet stockings, not to mention his boots which can match my wedges!
Joey Jordison...I think we're of the same height!

Another band that I was into back in college is System of a Down. I was obsessed with the drummer, John Dolmayan. He is nick-named as the machine gun drummer because he can constantly pound the drum like he is smacking his bitch. And his brooding, no smile attitude adds to his mysterious persona. I’ve seen pictures of him smiling and I know why he doesn’t smile often. Aside from the drummer, the vocalist, Serj Tankian is also a man who I like to sit down with and talk to. His lyrics in SOAD/solo career make me think and stop to look at the world around me. Together with SOAD’s guitarist, Daron Malakian, SOAD talks about social issues like prostitution, drug abuse, and also about bigger problems like mandatory sentences, war, power struggle, suicide bombers and more. Listening to SOAD gives me even more motivation to research about Social Studies compared to when I am actually studying about the subject itself.

Serj, with that curly hair and John - they constantly rallied against the American government to recognize the Armenian Genocide tragedy.

Aside from Slipknot and SOAD, a friend of mine, who happened to break dance and own a complete list of Shakespeare works and totally in love with everything Jap introduced me to Marilyn Manson – this band ain’t too bad if you choose to look beyond the scary make up and shock value. I heart Tim Skold, once again the bassist of Marilyn Manson. His pale complexion, peroxide hair, plus that bright red lipstick may make you confuse him to a lady. I didn’t have the guts to look like him, so the next best thing is to like someone who looks like he did. P/S: if you’re wondering what Marilyn Manson originated from, it is actually a combination of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson – the serial killer.I dare you macho men out there to wear something like this the next time you go out to town...

Another friend of mine, who himself is a bassist in his own band told me that I should give a listen to Atreyu, an American metal core band. The music is metal but the lyrics are just beautiful, probably the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard. Where else can you find lyrics like this:

“Then I'll show you that place,
in my chest where my heart,
still tries to beat”

Beautiful, isn’t it?

For a moment there, you might confuse his hands with sleeves...

I heart the vocalist, Alex Varkatzas, despite his eye shadow and zombie-like appearance and tight hipster jeans. In fact, I think those qualities made him irresistible to me.

So there you have it, the second installment of my psychotic, neurotic obsession. Kindly don’t puke, while you wait for the third installment.

Peace out, y’all.

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