Sunday, December 26, 2010


Who does not like the classics??
It's riveting, cheap (except the look-like leather bound in the middle), and in abundance at bookshops cause you people prefer to buy new books on the bestsellers list!

P/S: I heart the smell of new books, especially paperbacks...which I have just found out the proper way of preserving those paperbacks by wrapping it without damaging the covers...Hardcovers are easy, though, because you don't have to wrap the book as the flap will protect the hardcovers.

I had three of these 5-tiered cabinets at home...
Each tier contains books, academic and non-academic. And those things sticking out between the books are labels from clothes (shirts, blouses, baju kurung) and jeans that I recycled into bookmarks...

P/S: My mom nags about my book collecting habit. She does not realize it comes from her seems she loves to read too...she even reads the old newspaper at home when she has nothing to do!

And of course, a mag just because "The King of Cool" is on the front cover >_<

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