Monday, December 20, 2010


Watched Punch-Drunk-Love...
And frankly, I don't mind a guy who is psychotic and madly and insanely in love with me.
And would travel to Hawaii just to see me.
And ran all the way to my house, carrying a harmonium with him.
And beat up 4 blonde brothers who try to hurt me.
And buy 3,000 puddings to redeem airline points so that he could fly to wherever I have to travel because he doesn't want to spend time alone without me.

It does not matter he have a permanent crew cut.
It does not matter he smashed the sliding door when he is left out.
It does not matter he wears the same blue suit everyday to work.
It does not matter he have 7 sisters who keep driving him crazy.

He is a nice man.
And he got his own business.

And he loves me.

He is a nice man.

How I wished I was Lena Leonard.

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