Friday, December 17, 2010

21 and 4ever CRUSHES

Now, now I hope you guys and gals could not wait for the third installment of my crushes – if that term is correct.

Well, who would not love this guy right here? I think he is perfect in any way. He could be a pirate with gold fillings and still look smoking hot. Or he could be a freak with scissors for hands and still look cute. Or he could wear that funny haircut from Willy Wonka and yet look absolutely adorable. Do you have an idea now who I am talking about? It is this guy right here...

Johnny Depp - The Absolute Sex Symbol for every type of guy you could wish for...Drool ><

He acts well, he got a nice family, and his partner got nothing but nice things to say about him. And who on earth would hate a good looking guy like him? Seriously, I bet certain people would think that he is weird for hanging out with the likes of Tim Burton who directed some of the weirdest movies out there, but hey, those haters could be the weird ones for hating perfection like JD.

I saw almost all of his films – Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Secret Window (this movie would be hopelessly boring if it weren’t for him), Public Enemies, Blow (I hate Penelope Cruz in this movie), The Astronaut’s Wife (JD and Charlize Theron making out? Hmmm...not that entertaining), Don Juan De Marco (JD and Marlon Brando in the same movie? You’ve got to watch this one), and etc. But the movie that I love the most is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – to me, that is possibly one of the best on screen combination of actors; JD and Leonardo di Caprio as brothers, I‘d watch this any day and you should too!

And then, we have this Irish heart breaker here, Gerard Butler. When I heard him talk, he got this funny accent that totally could be a turn-on at the same time. Like, who cares for that accent when he got that perfect a$$ going for him? And the first time I saw him in a movie was when my lecturer showed us this musical called Phantom of the Opera, where Butler was the phantom. In my opinion , he is far too good looking to be playing the badly disfigured phantom. But yeah, I endured like two hours of singing just to see him!

Oh do know you look smoldering hot in black & white, don't you?

Now, this blue eyed boy never seems to get a part in a movie that he totally deserved. So far, I saw him in some not-that-good-but-okay movies like All About Steve, Hangover, and The Midnight Meat Train. I think he should be given a chance to prove his acting prowess. He got the look, might as well give him a chance to show off his talent.

Yeah, you're smiling because you know people are looking at you, Bradley Cooper...

This is another howt guy – too bad he is taken by Scarlett Johansson. I saw his bod in Blade Trinity and I totally drooled over his 6 packs and buffed biceps. How can a guy look as good as that? It is almost a sin to look at him and not to feel anything. I love him in Definitely, Maybe. And also in The Proposal opposite Sandra Bullock. And even though he had to be fat and wearing braces in Just Friends, Ryan Reynolds, you still look cute to me.

I still heart you...with that extra hair on your face and all ><

Another guy that I totally heart is this guy right here...

That tattoo is truly a piece of art - on a piece of art himself...

Yeah, you might know him as The Rock – I had his giant poster of him wearing nothing but those tight undies he wore during his WWE days when I was a teenager (back then, wrestling was the shit instead of now when all you got to see is some pansies in too tight undies doing nothing but talk the shit out of each other). After his wrestling days, he got into acting, this time using his real name, Dwayne Johnson. He is alright considering the fact that acting is his second nature after wrestling – you must be too naive to think all that wrestling is real. I like him in The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, and his brief cameo in You Again. Hope to see more of him in movies that are worth watching. Too bad for him he got divorced. I always think that he would have that perfect family going for him, even more so after he got his daughter, but hey, he is still a good father, I bet if he is willing to pay over $ 20K for child support.

That’s all folks. I hope this clear up the fact that I gave up on men. I do love good looking hunk and perfect a$$ on a guy and I do want to marry one in the future. Just because I don’t look like some testosterone crazed woman does not mean I am not into guys or stuff (I'm into females as well, I love Ellen Page and Jennifer Tilly, but I guess you can't swing both ways, can you?). And just because I don’t daydream about weddings or heading into that direction mean that I don’t want to get married. I just don’t have the heart for it yet. Not prepared to lose my freedom to ogle at this cute steaming guys (or gals), not just yet.

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