Saturday, January 19, 2013

#1 Love Me

There are a lot of things
Hidden inside my heart
Some I could not recite
Some I could not tell myself

I am a body without soul
Never been loved
Never been cared
Always been unnoticed

I am alive but I am alone
I could only fool myself
Telling everything is fine

So, hold me when I fall
Wake me when I am dreaming
Slap me when I am lost
Love me when I am gone

I never let you down
Even if I could
Always try to please you
Even though I have to sacrifice myself
So, don't think of me
When I am not here anymore.

P/S: so this is the first of the two hundred poems that I have written over the past 8 years.

I started writing when I got into IPG. First, because I missed my family back home so much (I don't think I ever got cured of homesickness) and second, because I was boring and had nothin better to do. Now, I don't have much free time so I write less and less except for assignments and academic works at school and of course, this blog. And third, before my 3 year relationshit, I think I got friendzoned by this guy and since I've never been in love at the time, I didn't even notice I got friendzoned until much later in life.

And love here means cold, hard love from guys. I'm pretty much loved by my family so that kept me whole before this whirlwind of relationshits got hold of me and you could see that in more poems to come. Stay tune!

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