Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DG 41

After two and a half years of waiting, I can finally truly call myself a teacher :")

That's the good news.

The bad news is the letter is dated November 2nd. But I only knew about it today, January 31st. And that's like 3 months gap, in which I could use the letter to serve its purpose which will benefit my service in my professional capacity.

Let me explain.

When you graduated with a government scholarship, in my case, Bahagian Pendidikan Guru scholarship, you would automatically be posted to available post to any schools around Malaysia.

You will be given 3 years probationary period, in which you have to attend and pass Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran's interview, Kursus Induksi Sistem Saraan Malaysia and of course, get the approval from your school's Principal. Within that period also, you would have to make two Medical Check-Up and signed countless documents.

The process takes Dinasour's estimation of time to be overly done with. You would live that 3 years in uncertainty and eventually, begrudgingly accepting the fact that Que Sera, Sera; no use worrying about things that you have no control of, whatever happens, it will happen outside your control.

The thing is, these processes of sending letters to and fro is done by your school's clerk. So, if you can stand fake pleasantries and have the morale of an American bald eagle, then you can supply them with sweet nothings but your fake smile and fake attitude, clenching your teeth and reminding yourself over and over again, they don't own you so you don't blow up and slap them on the face. Most clerks are the untouchables; even worse if you've a Principal who is also afraid of the clerks and let them roam free to speak with a cold touch of sliced knives to you, then you're doomed. Doomed.

Worse, if you have a clerk who is prone to mood swings, one minute she's smiling and the next, she's looking at you like you're lunch, then  you are even more doomed. And the worst is, if you have a clerk that forgets thing like an IMPORTANT AND EXTREMELY URGENT letter, then you're absolutely FUCKED.

Working in school is hard. It's even harder for a person who just want to do her job without having to deal with office politics. Without having to be fake and pretend to be nice and smile when you've tonnes of problems on your shoulders and you cannot cry or lend someone else's shoulder to cry on.

Teaching these little brats are fine (although sometimes I wish I could dipped them into liquid nitrogen) but what I hate is the red tape and bureaucracy. But I guess I should be thankful and grateful as I got posted and enjoying my salary plus allowances. I heard some Facebook friends complaining of not having any job as they have to wait for the posting. Some of them are my juniors from the same cohort who waited for almost a year whilst I only have to wait for 2 weeks. Yeah, I guess I should not worry anymore. Because I'm a certified DG 41 now, bitches!

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