Saturday, January 19, 2013

#2 Ready to Die

I was born 17 years ago
With a lot f suffering and pain
Along the way
Cause so much trouble
To the person who brought me
Into this malicious world

Living for 17 years
Suffer twinge, tension and ignorance
Being hurt so many times
That I become immune to it
Filled with hatred
Toward the people
Who betrayed me
Toward the people
Who stabbed me in the back constantly
Toward the people
Who treated me like I am worthless

I am ready to die
Runaway and leave this fraud world now
Take my breath away
Take my soul away
Take my faith away
Because I am ready to die.

P/S: I've actually been writing for 9 years according to this poem which I wrote when I was 17. I forgot I've been 26 for almost 4 months now. I still think I'm 25 years old. Hehehe

This poem was possibly written at the lowest point of my life. When I was away from home, I constantly thought of ways to die though I've never been clinically tested for depression or any manic disorder.

And this is me now. I think God made me work at my hometown because He knew I could not go through the same feeling I felt back then, hundreds of kilometers away from home.

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