Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women & Weapons

By weapon here, I mean women and their handbags.

Yeah, women's handbags contain all sorts of weapons.

As for me, I usually bought handbags with the most pockets and openings to store all sorts of things that are useful to me.

In the first two pockets, I put all make-ups including lipsticks, compact powder, oil blotter and handyplast for emergency blisters when I'm wearing new shoes. In the other pocket, I put chewing gum, car key and pen drive.

In the back pocket, I got a small notebook, library keys (at school, my table is at the library and usually I'm the second to arrive each day. If however my colleague has to attend courses and whatnot, I'm the one with the keys to open the library). Also, I got Kad Kebenaran Keluar Kelas which every student needs to go out of class at my school.

Inside the handbag which consists of two compartments; in the first compartment, I got two hand phones and my purse. In the second compartment, I stored my tablet, spectacles, tissue and sanitizer. Between the two compartments, there is a zipped space in which I put my ehem (what every woman needs every month) and also nail-clipper, nail file and tweezer. Yeah, there is a mini mani-pedi combo in my handbag.

Now, if I had a boyfriend, my handbag would also have his wallet, car key and phone.

Okay gentlemen, now you know why most women have pains on their shoulders and back. It's from carrying a big ass handbag. Be kind to them, give them back rub everyday. Better yet, massage their feet as well. They'll be eternally grateful to you!

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