Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So yesterday my school was selected to enter a competition at the district level. I was the teacher in charge plus another colleague of mine who was kind enough to print out tonnes of information for the students to read during the CNY holiday. Our holiday as teachers and that of the students are shorten due to this bullshit competition, which as always was another 'must' for ever obliging every secondary school in the district. So, despite not having enough experience and time as well as resources, we ventured into the unknown. While I am writing this, I just heard the news that today there will meetings for Kelab/Persatuan from 2.15-3.15 while for Badan Beruniform from 4-6. The reason for lumping everything in one day is to ensure students are not tired. Pardon me but What The Fuck! So if the teacher is in charge of both Kelab/Persatuan and also Badan Beruniform then she has to stay from dusk till dawn at this goddamn school???!!!!!

Well, sorry for losing my shit like that. Still I'm also pissed at the fact that a competition was held but the evaluation was biased and in favour of one particular school which 'incidentally' the school of the head jury. How convenient is that?

Was the purpose of the competition was just to cover up the deceit and lies shrouding the way the participants were being judged and the boiling questions of whether the scoring of each participant was done truthfully without any favoritism to a particular school?

I swear all these bullshits will be the very reason I quit this profession which is supposed to stress positive moral values that teachers should display for the students to emulate. But if the teachers themselves think with their heart and let emotions rule their behavior, how can we as educators set a good example to be role models for our students?

If a teacher ruthlessly crave for recognition by proving that his/her students are the best (through dirty means and not through just and positive competitiveness) and at the expense of disregarding other students who are more deserving but was unlucky to b schooled at the non-favorite school then what kind of life lessons that we can instill to the students? It's okay to be cutthroat? It's okay to gain something that rightfully belong to another person? It's okay to be biased and not make an objective evaluation?

Whatever it is, it's the students I pity the most. They went through life believing they're the best while in fact they're mediocre at best due to this false recognition given by their teacher. This is what happened when you're in a comfort zone, believing that success is within your grasp that when others are better, you try to deny that fact and continue believing you're still the best and others are not at par with you.

Nevertheless, I'd like to believe that I teach my students who didn't stand a chance to win when that favorite school is around: Never give up and don't stop believing. They might not succeed in school but later, InsyaAllah they'll succeed in life.

P/S: I also heard from my colleague this favorite school has been holding a grudge towards my school since my school was selected to win an award at the national level, which the favorite school has been eyeing for quite some time. So since they didn't win that, they tried hard to win this competition instead. And also the teacher a.k.a the head jury from that favorite school is a strong supporter of gov political party and she received recognition as an Excellent Teacher because of that particular reason. Wow, that's what happen when you mix something as simple and pure like education with another thing as complicated and dirty like politics. Pooh!

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