Friday, February 15, 2013

Marriage Proposals

Including this new guy who just Facebook chat me saying if I weren't married in the next few years until he collects enough money to get married, then he'll marry me, I've received four marriage proposals. That's excluding the American and Arabian guys with whom I chatted with on Yahoo Messenger.

The first one came from that son of a bitch I talked about in previous posts. The second one was with a guy three years older than me. The problem was he's only SPM educated and he refused to further his studies. I was willing to wait for him to finish his degree but I heard he got some other girls in KL while I was still studying in JB. So that was it. I won't be treated like a door mat. The third one was with an Indian guy. But he's asking me to relocate to Australia. Between my family and him, I chose my family. And the last one came from a guy who's also a friend of a friends. The thing is, he's currently unemployed and he wanted to wait until he can accumulate money to lead a comfortable life.

So you see love is complicated. Sometimes you feel you've met the right person but it's at the wrong time. Sometimes the time is right but the person is wrong. Sometimes the time and the person is right but the circumstances are all wrong. Sometimes you work really hard to make things happen, but God showed you and revealed all kinds of things that made you realize this relationship will never work. So it's better safe than sorry. Don't forsake your future just to shut the society up. And just because your mom constantly nags at you, doesn't mean you can pick any Tom, Dick and Harry to marry. You're gonna spend the rest of your life with this person (ideally) and you don't want to start the process of looking for the right person at the right time under the right circumstances all over again if you fail. You just (ideally) want to get married once and hopefully that marriage will last forever. Now, I can't even decide what colour of tablets I wanted, let alone the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is hard!

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