Sunday, February 17, 2013


So, there have been a lot of financial aids given by the government under the 1Malaysia programme. Among which are BR1M where those with RM3000 and below income can register to get RM500 and for those singletons with a salary below RM2500, they will receive RM250. As for students, they are given RM100 for Bantuan Awal Persekolahan 1Malaysia and for tertiary level students, they are given book vouchers worth RM250 and for other youths who don’t have motorcycle license, they can do so by applying for BL1M which give discounted price of RM199 for B2 license, which would normally cost RM350. And for soldiers who did not attend to their full service of 21 years (they quitted early so they didn’t the pension, only the one-off financial reward), they were also given RM1000 per person.

Although all of these financial aids are good, but they are teaching Malaysians one thing; the government would always bail them out whenever they’re in trouble. It’s okay if you’re impatient and quitted the army early, the government would still give money to you. This is truly unfair for those who stuck around until the pre-required years of service like my father who served for more than 30 years and is now enjoying monthly pension, free health care benefits, first class hospital ward and other perks for being loyal and taking his job seriously as an army officer.

As for BR1M, when I was passing through LHDN headquarter in Kota Bharu where forms for the registration was made available, the cars of the people registering included Hilux, Kia, Perdana even Mercedes. Now, what kind of person asked for financial aid of RM500 and still could afford these lavish lifestyle and own expensive cars? If you’re capable of paying for the car, then leave the chance of getting RM500 to others who are more deserving and desperate to make a living. DO NOT take advantage of the fact that certain jobs don’t have pay slip so you can lie when you declare the amount of monthly pay that you received. That’s just plain wrong, not to mention, selfish and cutthroat. What if that money that you get by lying about your financial status was supposed to be given to other family who depended on RM500 for the welfare of their family members? What if another human being died for not being able to get RM500 to go to hospital because you already used that money for your own self-indulgence? STOP. Before, you fill up the form and receive the money, think of others who really deserve that money.

And as for students, who got RM100, that money can be used to buy school uniform or T-shirt or maybe a calculator and a dictionary which would be really helpful and far more useful that that designer T-shirt or shoes that you don’t need but want. And as for university students who received book vouchers but opt to sell them back for lower price to other individuals, SHAME ON YOU for being enrolled in a university but have the brains the size of a peanut. The government gave vouchers to ease off the burden of buying academic books that burn a hole in your pockets. Instead, you sell the voucher to get something as common as money. You really are a DUMMY if you do so. And don’t call yourselves a “MAHASISWA/SISWI” because your characters are definitely an opposite of educated academicians.

As for youths who are given the special treatment of the discounted price to apply for B2 license but still choose to ride the motorcycle dangerously and become a hazard to other road users, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Don’t you love your precious life that you gamble it away by not riding with a license, thus endangering yourselves and other road users? And don’t get me started on some idiotic morons who ride motorcycles without helmets and headlights or tail lights.

And despite all of these financial aids, of course the government is still the baddies. Let’s change, they said. Change is inevitable for a better future. But how do you know things are going to get better. The new ruling gov would probably do shittier job. But alas, we’re all entitled to our own opinion. But for me, I don’t bite the hands that feed me. Yeah, call me ignorant and other demeaning names but that’s my stand on the matter. However, I have this conviction, if the current gov didn’t give the usual financial aid even for a year, they’ll be in big trouble as those who only vote for the money would most probably not vote once they are not given any financial aid that they are so used of receiving. As for other tax payers who complained that those money given for all sorts of financial aids come from their hard-earned cash, well, isn’t communal spirit the big thing in Malaysia? We are famous for sharing, yeah? Even when the person at the receiving end are not that worthy of the financial aid as others deserve better but weren’t given the aid they so desperately needed just because they had no idea how to register and how to fill up the form. Shame, such programmes designed to help the underprivileged but the outcome didn’t meet the intended objectives. Well, things don’t always work they way they’re supposed to be. That’s life.

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