Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So SPM result will be coming out soon. Before that any student who aspires to get into tertiary education would have to fill up the UPU form online. Without filling up this form, the students would not be able to gain entrance into public universities.

As a teacher, I have this social responsibility to inform my students about important dates that they are supposed to keep in mind concerning dates of uni application or closing dates for those application.

However, what saddens me is the fact that some parents just don't give a shit about their kids; whether their kids have bought pin number to fill up the UPU form and whether their kids know what they are doing when filling up the form. Some kids were not able to fill up the form themselves since they were enlisted for National Service. So, I believe it is the parents' responsibility to do so. Someone close to me whose kid went for National Service didn't have a clue about UPU form. They could've asked me since I'm a teacher but noooo, they would rather be ignorant and do nothing about it. They were more excited about going for National Service rather than entering public unis. When it was my time, although my parents and I were clueless too, we sought help from teachers and asked questions from councillors at school. And my parents read newspapers religiously to look out for offers for uni, public and private, which would normally be advertised in mainstream newspapers.

Which brings me to another point, this couple of ignorant parents, didn't they ever meet their kid's teachers or councillor to discuss their kid's future? Then again, I knew the way things work at school. For example, let's say there are 6 Form Five classes. If you're in the top three classes then you'll be given more attention in terms of spm seminars or attention  from the councillors. After all, these kids' effort and their results in PMR and SPM will ensure the school's success in maintaining their excellence in terms of how many students score straight A's and the percentage in determining the school ranking. If you're from the bottom classes, you shall not fail or else the PMR or SPM percentage will be affected because of your failures. Sad to say and it sucks but life isn't a bed of roses and as you get older, you'll realize often,things ain't no fairytale with the obligatory happy ending.

As for the kids who didn't fill up UPU form for the first phase, may luck be with you.

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