Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Here's the sequel to previous post.

When talking about parents, I can truly say I've the best parents in the world. And when talking about how much parents love their children, my patents are probably more over protective than most parents are. That's understandable though, since I took them seven years to be blessed with their first born, who is yours truly and another six years to get my younger brother. So you can imagine how much they love the both of us.

When I wrote about the ignorant parents who would rather go for a holiday, leaving their kids at home to their own devices, even when the kids are at a fragile age and haven't finished school yet. I've a student who is home alone after her parents got divorced and moved elsewhere. How can parents do that to their own children? I'm 26 years old and my parents are still worried to leave me home alone with my immobile foster grandma to perform hajj. I never go out alone and I'm always accompanied by my parents or younger brother wherever I'm going out.

And don't get me started on how important education is in our home. My fond memories of childhood was my mom waiting on me to finish my homework. And I'm sure my younger brother still remembers how my mom counted the raisins that my brother ate religiously before going to school since raisins are considered food for your brain and it's better to consume them in even numbers. All the teachers, both at my and my brother's schools knew my mom as she really cared for our education and wanted us to get the best education that we possibly could have. I remember when I was still in primary school. SK Convent in Seremban which was situated at a busy road so my mom had to park at the opposing road and cross it to get to the other side. Holding my brother on one hand and holding my baby brother on the other, she made sure I got to the inside of the school, ensuring I was safe and sound before leaving the area. And yes, my mom never missed any PTA meetings, ever. And my dad, worked his ass off to give us all the resources that we need to succeed in school. I have tonnes of reference books at home that had to be donated to hospitals, libraries and orphanages. I also remembered when I was in form one and we had to do Kerja Kursus and it would look much better if it were typed, so my dad bought a computer and printer who costed like 5K back in year 2000 just so that my Kerja Kursus could be completed perfectly. And for my brother, my parents forked out more than thousands of ringgit for personal tuitions to ensure his straight As in exams.

So, my success today is largely contributed to my parents. I've to be thankful and grateful to be the child of such committed and responsible parents, who wants nothing more that education that can secure our futures, no matter what cost it takes. When I compared my parents to other non-committal parents who would rather spend their money on things for their own use and not the children's or when I'm eating at a restaurant and the parents eat first while the children were starving or when I'm working and there's a PTA meeting at school and the parents who came didn't even have an inkling which class their children are in, I heaved a sigh of relief that my childhood was privileged with parents who care.

Mama and papa, though it's hard for me to say I love you but I really mean it when I say I really do love you and thank you for making me who I am today.

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