Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lull me into silence
With your mashed up lullaby
Probe me with confusion
With your sweet jingles

Maybe I give a thought
For words that never do
Maybe I should render a feeling
For actions that never speak

Beat me into submission
With your twister tales
Leave me without explanation
With your senseless occupation

You told me to get lost
You told me to go die
I get lost in your lies
I go to die in your betrayal

What a brilliant way
To mask your vicious self
What an excellent solution
To cover up your filthy being

Snoop around in your curiosity
Everybody’s business is your subject
Everybody’s problems are your concern
Nobody needs an intervention
When they have an unemployed occupation

So you think it is amusing
To cook up an invisible storm
When people are addicted
You become the honorary mediator
Not to mention the ever ready translator
What about a volunteered facilitator
You are after all,
The jack of all trades and the master of none.

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