Monday, September 13, 2010


the only thing that is keeping us apart is the world map.

if only your place can be moved next to where i am typing at this very moment.

i am not afraid to get hurt.

all i am afraid us is not trying and keep wondering 'what if?'

it does not always have a happy ending.

but it is worth a shot.

rather than sitting and pondering over what could have been.

even when it is over, you and i know what have happened.

we could end our worries and you can carry on with your cheating.

i am tired of kissing frogs.

they are green and slimy and annoying and filthy.

people cut them open to see what their inside looks like.

which i could do that to you.

so i know what were you thinking when you were lying and thought nobody could ever find out.

you think it is amusing to be a bastard and a coward.

if you think i am not good enough, you better take a coconut shell and pee in it and see your reflection in it.

you are no babe, cold stuff.

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