Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have this sinking feeling
This chaos would never end
You never have any inkling
This scar is hard to mend

We shout for attention
You turn your back on us
We sign the bare petition
It’s all for the lack of trust

You dupe us with new laws
Pretending it’s for the mass
Our hands are tied behind our backs
While you wreck in all the mess

You play with semantics
Twisting words and their meanings
We are tired of your antics
And your stoic standings

Because your agenda is showing
Your propaganda is showing
We all are suffocating
Your promises are no good
Just empty barrels to fill the void
To cover up the dirty deed

You tell us to be grateful
For a nation that seems peaceful
We are nothing but fools
We are nothing but your tools

We sit in our regrets
For broken souls and traded lives
We cross our hearts to repent
Only to mourn our wasted effort spent

The walls are empty
We seek our bounty
You pretend to care
While you can’t wait to tear

The stripes are pretty clear
The colours are way better
We plead our undying declaration
For a defected creation.

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