Monday, September 13, 2010

it's time of the year again.

i don't care where i am celebrating.

just as long as i can go to prayer with my family.

cut the cake with my family.

put all the biscuits in the jars with my family.

ask for forgiveness from my parents.

laugh at the lame ass television shows with my brother.

and cackle with laughter at The Exorcist with my brother (because the films and dramas on television are awfully boring.)
p/s:we do find The Exorcist awfully boring too, but usually we just skip the boring parts and go to the juicy parts, if you know what i mean >_<

and then, wait for my untie and uncle and cousins to come.

make Sunquick plus Syrup for them.

roar with laughter with the jokes by my uncle who adores P.Ramlee.

wish my other auntie and uncle and cousins the compulsory wishes (my mom just call them, better than typing long-winded 'pantun' to them)

make Sunquick and Syrup again for those who come.

go out with my brother to buy more ice and fill up water.

making a detour and go to the beach to camwhore with my brother.

things that i hate and never miss and wish do not have to happen:
1.packing up my brother's luggage because he has to go back studying.
2.ridiculous wishes from ex.
3.stupid remarks and questions about my physical being and personal stuff. how would you like it if i ask you "why there is so many acne on your face?" or "why not pick any Tom, Dick or Harry to make babies with?"
4.noisy children and oblivious parents. pssst,your kids are strewing the content of my pineapple tarts on my Turkish carpet. here take this vacuum cleaner and pick up after your kids.,i am not planning to waste my salary (which i didn't get yet, so stop asking for money from me) on a brand new car that i could not even afford to mantain.
6.yes, we all make our own cookies., my hair colour is original., now be nice and stop comparing each other's riches.

the thing that i will miss the most is taking family photos and be one complete happy family despite all the troubles in the world. when there are four of us, the outside world matter no more.

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