Thursday, September 30, 2010


If you could see the things in my mind
You would not feel sorry for who I am

If you could hear this whispering in my ear
You would not spend a second to look at me

If you could see this writing in my heart
You would not spare a glance at my name

Things have not been right
It is different but it stays the same
It is normal but it stays wrong
This is the face that you see everyday
You put up barriers to block those images
But the view keeps haunting you
No matter where you run
No matter where you hide
You would always be caught

Scream loudly
Fight bravely
Blood poured
Tears shed

We are all afraid to see the daylight
We are all to go out of our houses
The wall might be there but the roof is missing
The door might be there but the windows are all smashed up

There is no solution for what we are fighting
There is no heaven for the hell on earth
There is no redemption for the ghastly sins we committed

But the sky is there for you.
The sun is up for you.
The rain is falling for you.
The wind is blowing for you.
We are dead.

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