Monday, September 27, 2010


When I was in school, I hated teachers who were condescending and touched on sensitive issues like the way you look or how much you weigh.

To be exact, I still remember my Math teacher who said, “Kalau Bahira duk kt depan ni, abes semua org tak nampak papan putih ni.”
And I still remember my Religion Studies teacher who said, “Oi, tepi la sket, mentang2 la dia besar, abes di block nye satu jalan.”

Yes, people. Those are the exact words that I will still continue to remember for as long as I have a memory.

When it is my turn to be one, I try as hard as I can to treat my students the way I want to be treated when I was a student. I try to treat them with respect, as a human being. It is rather a tedious task to do, considering the fact that some of my students refuse to see me as a teacher and think it is okay not to stand when I enter their class. Not a small thing you say? Well, try this. One student ripped up my worksheet and crumpled it and threw it away. The worksheet that I printed out in colour and tediously edited to give to them, so that they would be excited to attempt it. The only thing they were excited about was whether the paper would tear if they rip it.

I try as hard as I can not to call them names that I would not be proud of if someone call me by that names too. It is an easy feat to do considering the fact that they cannot sit still for more than 3 seconds, and constantly begging to go to the computer lab or the library to escape work. In the lab, they could play songs and play games that you and I used to play during our dinosaur’s years. In the library, they can enjoy the air-cord and roll around on the carpet.

My dearest, I don’t care if you are not A scorers, string of A’s is not the ultimate deciding factor for your life ahead. I don’t care if you don’t wear shoes to class because the money is more important for you to eat than to but shoes with. But puh-leasse, be a civilised human being and even if you don’t have the interest to come to school, just pretend to be interested for my class so that I would not be tempted to be mad at you and ask you to get out of my class (which you would most probably enjoy since you got butt rash from sitting on the chair in class for a whole lesson).

Yeah people, guess what is my job?

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