Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4 8A, 7A, 6A

 The teachers were the ones with giant, flapping butterflies in their stomachs, analyzing the results, gauging their teaching effectiveness and comparing the success to other schools in the districts..

 Nur Nabilah Mohd Za'im, one of the straights As students, with her mother, receiving her flawless result from SMKK's Senior Assistant of Administration..

 Another straight As student, Robiatul Adawiyah Zaharimi, our very own school's employee's daughter...

I'm only teaching one Form Three class and since their form teacher went for a holiday in Gambang, I took over and distributed the result to every students in 3 Super. Most of them were smiling, some were surprised and others frowned looking at their result. One of the boys gave me a bro fist which I pumped with as much enthusiasm as this boy got 5 As while juggling his participation with athletic events. He missed school for almost a month training for SUKMA, yet he managed to excel in his studies while keeping his love affair under control.

 One of my colleagues, giving out the result for 3W, what a miracle since nobody failed BM in her class although before this she did not expect such excellent result for her subject.

Most of the students present early were the girls, probably excited to know how they fare in the exam. The boys contained their excitement and acted like they did not care how many As they managed to score. But I know otherwise.

So, 4 students got straight As, 7 As and 6 As.

Heard that the percentage for English, Science and Mathematics went down this year. Down like my spirit when I realized I could have done more for the kids.

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