Thursday, December 6, 2012


So, we have a few people who think they are so self-righteous so they tend to rub it in on everybody’s faces. They think they are right and the world got to bow down to their feet just because they think they know more and they are right. They think the way they do things and they way they think are the correct way that they want to delve into other people’s business and imply what they believe might be true in other people’s lives. And these people don’t take criticism too kindly. In fact the only people that should be doing the criticizing is them; the self-righteous people. But if other people turn the table around and start to give them a taste of their own medicine, they flipped out and started to lose their shit.

The thing is, all of us have our own opinion and the way we think is different and if it is the same, it has to be a communist country. We are different but that does not mean we have to instil our differences into each other’s lives. What good would be to be at each other’s throats for things that are so immature to be fought about in the first place?

I value people’s differences. In fact if you tell me that, “Hey, don’t be friends with him. He’s an ugly motherfucker with a bad case of leper”, I would still have to look for myself and be friends with that ugly motherfucker without having a second opinion about him. By the way, the word motherfucker has been thrown around a lot, Oedipus must be proud!

Well, getting back to the topic. I admit sometimes criticism, baseless criticism is stupid and just plain abusive. For instance, if your mom asked you for your opinion on a dress she was trying, you should not say, “Mom, your face is ugly that not even a ten thousand dollar dress could cure that.” That is just plain stupid and only imbeciles would do that. Structural criticism, on the other hand, requires tact. Tact which is a fact that not many people have or even if they have it, it would require pragmatic competence to use it well.

Now, with the advent of social networking where everybody has an opinion, it is getting incredibly hard to be courteous. Everybody could say something and someone, somewhere would take it the wrong way even though that was not the intended meaning of the person responsible of posting or tweeting the status in the first place. Or that person could have been aiming at someone or something but didn’t mention the name of that person or that place. So, when people accuse this person of slandering that someone or something, he or she can just brush off the accusation, saying that he or she did not claim to whom or what the comment or tweet was intended to. So clever, eh?

The point is, I think we should be responsible for what we said, posted, commented, tweeted, reposted or whatever technical term associated with social networkings. I knew this and learned this the hard way when some of my blog post created a stir back in college that I had to shut my previous blog. I also learned it the hard way when one of my course mates defamed me in his blog. Nobody liked it if they are mentioned in a bad way on the internet. Because that shit stays on. Even if you delete it, it still could be retrieved. That’s why before I want to write the shit out of something, I wait it out for a couple of days. If it still lingers on my mind, that means it is worth mentioning about. If I have forgotten about it within that couple of days, then good riddance.

In life, we meet people that just annoy us for no reason. There are things that don’t sit well with us. But that does not give you an excuse to bitch about it and rant about it so that the whole world could see how moral conscious you are about these ‘issues’. Don’t pretend that you were holier than thou all the goddamn time. That shit gets cold after a while.

The bottom line is, what seems good to you might not be good to others. Stop shoving things down people’s throats. Just agree to disagree and accept people for they are.

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